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The Best of The Week


The red clover’s coming early this year

it runs through the fields like a vein in your temple

covers the meadow like black on a kettle

the red clover’s coming early I hear

we laughed and we ran like we’d never known hunger

we watched the moon rise, my true love and I

I kissed his fingers and he kissed my eyes

sweet as the honey and golden as summer

the red clover’s coming early this year

it covers the fields like chains on a chattel

red as the morning after a battle

the clover is coming in early I hear

I searched for my true love down in the meadow

where the clover is red as the rose in my cheeks

there was my true love, down in the meadow

in the moonlight he kissed her beside a green creek

the red clover’s coming early I hear

runs like the blood through a vein your temple

dark as his eyes




Just don't

that was the advice of the Manager at the grocery store

my first job 


Don't ask about 

about a customer's clothes or 

what they are buying, none of that


Just don't 

it just leads to long conversations, he said,

ones you don't want


Don't ask

but one day I had to ask Mrs.H…

Guess who's getting an MRI this evening to make sure they don't gots the brain tumors?

*points to self*

Wish me luck. Will update once results get back.


EDIT 10/25:


29 years old, headache.

MR images of the brain acquired without intravenous contrast.

COMPARISON: None available.


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