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The Best of The Week

embers packed smoking in a bundle of leaves
carried for miles, for days
become a roaring fire
for a night

teach yourself silence
instead of listening to the voice all day long
put your finger to its lips
wind, water



I am, I admit 



Of your ceiling, 

able to watch you sleep and better still

awake slowly in dim light 


Of your heavy sweaters and scarves

wrapped around your neck and shoulders

adding warmth to your warmth 


Of your vase filled with flowers…


You probably won’t believe this but I swear to god it’s true. I went to school with a girl whose name was Retard. In English class, the teacher would say, read the next paragraph, Retard. Or the math teacher would say, Retard, what’s the square root of eighty-one.

I grew up in Ridley, the population’s around three thousand. It’s a small town. Retard was in my class from first grade on.

You think, nah nobody would name their kid “Retard”. The Pecolis…

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