You think you have a journal? Samuel Pepys had a journal.

Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) kept his diary for nine years, from 1660 to 1669. Pepys was a senior civil servant during this time (the period includes the Plague and the Great Fire of London) and so his diary is an important historical document. But it's also extremely fun to read. As well as chronicling his numerous "dalliances" with female acquaintances, maids and servants, the diary is filled with wonderful passages such as his description of the execution of Maj.-Gen. Harrison, the time he whipped his page boy and an account of a blood transfusion between dogs performed before the Royal Society. Other entries are just plain odd.

The Encyclopedia Britannica has more information on Pepys, and the full text of a 1825 edition is available from Bibliomania. The Shorter Pepys is a modern, un-bowdlerized edition.

The 2nd Edition of the OED cites Pepys 1891 times, including in the entry for "and". His quotation illustrates "and" being used to introduce a consequence: "A pretty young woman, and I did kiss her." It appears in his entry for 30th June, 1667.

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