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Where did Silv go? That scourge of the catbox archives, haunter of the catbox itself? Silv started a new job 24th Jan 2019, so has been busy actually working instead of skiving off a lot in the catbox. So that's good & bad. You'll more likely randomly catch Silv in the catbox at night GMT+8 time now, or on the odd weekend. Sporadically though, given how busy the calendar is often booked.


I live in Perth, Australia.

I have been with my partner since 1998, and married to them since 2011. We have a dog and a mortgage.

I delivered pizzas for 2 years, worked in a puter shop retail for 7 years, and worked a admin/accounts for 6.5 years, and just started an accounts job in 2019. I never finished highschool, having quit it twice, but I do have a high level Certificate in Accounting that I received in 2014.

Sheep are awesome, dead or alive.

Batman is my favourite superhero.

I enjoy PC computer games, mainly the Assassin's Creed series, the Batman Arkham series, Diablo II & III, Lego *everything* (except Indiana Jones 1), and the hidden object genre.

I prefer to read Young Adult fantasy books, and I love comic books but don't read them very often.

There are some films that I just feel like rewatching pretty often when I feel sick or something. The ones I remember right now are: Prince of Persia, Speedracer, live action Cinderella, Ever After, Blades of Glory, Constantine, Equilibrium, The Fifth Element, Vampire Academy, Prince of Egypt, Practical Magic, Hook, The Princess Bride.

The write-up that I'm most happy I wrote is What "I love you" doesn't mean. I wrote it in 2001, and I think I would write it better now if I re-wrote it, but I'm still really happy with what it says.

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