In my dream I was young Leland Palmer
At Pearl Lakes in the summer, and free
With my face and my eyes shining brightly
As our neighbor flicked matches at me.

After law school and later in practice
Working mainly for Benjamin Horne
When my beautiful daughter was murdered
That's the day that my madness was born.

I hear Sarah and Laura both screaming
From inside of my mind and my ears
Suffocating a French-speaking barman
I'm possessed with the source of their fears.

From the Double R to the Great Northern
All the coffee and pie without end
Up all night from the singing Norwegians
I'll not "Come On Get Happy" again.

Then the Giant appeared with the message
That I did it again: Maddy's dead
And inside the Black Lodge I am learning
That this isn't just all in my head.

From the owls in the darkening forest
Over Canada's border they fly
Under starlight our secrets entangled
In the night to the Jack with One Eye.

Meals on Wheels brought creamed corn by the handful
To Mrs. Tremond's grandson Pierre
Ripped up diaries and delicate orchids
Harold's J'ai une âme solitaire.

Through the darkness I saw the magician
Felt his spell of enchantment and harm
Dance around as a backmasking midget
Firewalked with a Man with One Arm.

I awoke to the pealing of thunder
Like the Harley off-ridden by James
Drenched with sweat, I was tearfully trembling
Feeling traumatized, shocked and ashamed.

For the rest of the night there's no sleeping
No chance out from the world that remains
As the Log Lady told Agent Cooper:
Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames.