Riot in your ear,
There's a riot in your ear,
Riot in your ear
Lights a fire in your ear
The fire in your ear
From the riot in your ear
Gets you higher in your ear
Lights desire in your ear

What you hear in your ear, it's so near, makes you fear
Burning up, peer to peer, am I being unclear?
How? I'm yelling so loud, you can hear in the cloud,
I'm leading the beat down a leaderless crowd.
The crowd is a mob, improbably doing their job,
Keeping the beat on your feet, duck and weave, discombob.
You late, where you been? Now we're packing them in,
Then we're kicking them out, now get loud, scream and shout.
If you doubt we're about, get a map, check the route,
We're steering the gear, right into the riot again.

Burn out.