Nothing to see here, move along.

Okay, perhaps that is a bit too succinct. For the Democratic Party, South Carolina is the second primary contest of the year, but the first that fully counts. In an attempt to encourage diversity, the traditional first primary contest of New Hampshire has been replaced with South Carolina, a larger state with a larger African-American population. This also benefits Joe Biden, who in 2020, saved his faltering campaign with a strong showing in South Carolina.

And this year, the magic would work again. As of right now, Joe Biden has won over 96% of the vote, and all of the delegates, in South Carolina.

In some ways, this is due to South Carolina's demographics. The Democratic Party in South Carolina is heavily African-American. To reduce the debate to a few lines, while progressive younger democrats who had the great Poli-Sci 101 realization that "there is no difference between the two parties" might think Joe Biden is a centrist shill beholden to corporate puppet masters, African-American voters who can remember, first or second hand, what it was like to have segregated drinking fountains are very aware that there are real differences between the parties. As I said in 2020, for many voters who have the most to lose, it is more important to preserve the status quo than to risk losing basic civil rights.

On the other hand, even after accounting for demographics, getting over 96% of the vote is a solid accomplishment. While states with differing demographics might be a little more difficult, I would assume from this point out that Biden will be treated in the following contests as the incumbent candidate. Which makes sense, since that is what he is.

This also shows the difference between the narrative and reality of the Trump and Biden campaign---much of the media coverage of Trump has been based around the almost fanatical devotion that some of his followers have, but when it comes to the numbers, Biden seems to have a much more solid foundation in his own party.

I also will probably not grant much coverage to the Democratic primaries, unless something interesting/unusual happens.