Writeups wanted: 300 words or fewer.¹

"…terse, luminous, and dignified eloquence.”
-- Lord Macaulay

February is the shortest month, even in a leap year. Time for some momentary madness that is an Abbreviated Brevity Quest, a brief miniquest!2 The rules are identical, write something good in less than 301 words.

Updated Starting Date: Wednesday, February 14th

Beginning Thursday, February 15th at 00:00:00 and ending Thursday, February 29th at 23:59:99 (E2 server time), this quest seeks concise, well-crafted fact, fiction, poetry, and/or prose. New writeups only and no day logs.

Enter as many writeups as desired3. Hidden writeups may be submitted if preferred.

Entries should be labeled as such. Wordcounts and a /msg to inform me are considerate, helpful, and appreciated.

Bounty will be awarded at 11GP per writeup. As it's a leap year, we'll pick one (or four or more) entries for special attention.

Results are in, and do include both noder and writeup recognition.

Peruse submissions from these previous BQs for examples and inspiration: 2021, 2022, and 2023. Currently, wertperch and I are the judges but would love to have others' input, as we're not the entire jury4. If you'd like to help us out, please let me know.

Don't rely solely on the word count in the draft/writeup header (as it counts HTML and pipelinked text, too). The E2 Word Counter exists, but please also note the Brevity Quest Word Count Guidelines.

1Per wertperch: Or less. Because "15 items or less" seems to be deemed okay these days.
2This is neither a mini-quest for briefs nor a quest for mini-briefs, or even a many briefs quest.
3Remember: Quality over Quantity.
4Please read and vote.
5I forgot succinct, laconic, and pithy.5

Early Birds:


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