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searching, searching, searching

- words are in the way
- a model of consciousness
- the mountain of truth
- on the flavors of reality
- spirit calculus
- to stress the magnificence of the universe
- Omnilinguist
- a sketch of a proof of both the existence and non-existence of God
- joy to the world
- Physical Insights from Conway's Game of Life
- a direct teaching
- mirror on the mountain
- an essay for humans

- glass marble meditation
- an exhortation for clarity
- litany of the crystal flowing mind
- Fox Mulder stares wistfully at the poster on the wall
- how many alleys will you follow me down, if i just started running

the liquid name
- The Last Will and Testament of Alturus Portwick
- the house at the end of Allport Way
- The Apocalypse of Porturus Alwick
- Paintings Found in the Home of Portuous Altwick

the cards
- X. The Cloud of Eyes
- IX. The Necessity of Bricks
- VIII. The Moon
- VII. The Vectors of Thought
- VI. The Persistence of Mysteries
- V. The Two of Embers
- IV. The Scholar of Forms
- III. The Line of Trinkets
- II. The Queen of Snowdrops
- I. The Revelation of Fabrics

the months
- Dearest Octavius,
- Alik' Plantman
- Brotherhood of Silence
- Where the stars do drown
- cold star
- August lost
- come name their bone dance
- only by consuming pieces of one another can beings such as we exist
- The ocean will one day give up its dead
- The fires are sweeping through the outlying villages
- continental shelf
- irrorate
- you can close your eyes but not your ears
- What time do you call this, then?
- Entirely free of guilt, I
- the lake around which are a thousand tiny fires
- Wandering Star
- The endless blue sky is not big enough to hold her memories, so it doesn't

- Levenshtein dreams
- (in the mist)
- Noder Fragments

- Raincomplex's State Transition Graph
- Designing to Reveal The Nature of the Universe
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
- the space of all haiku
- winterhaiku
- wmii
- Tuna Sandwich
- NES Hello World
- Makefile
- code golf
- Gargoyle
- The Gostak
- precision vs. accuracy
- renzuru
- regular expression game
- ERIKO-CHAN cipher
- dwm
- reflection
- Pac-Man Ghost Personalities
- Jibanananda Das
- Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty
- _exit
- Cat Soup
- Adventure Time
- VIC cipher
- straddling checkerboard
- Polybius square
- cherry tomato
- old brick building
- How do you know the fishes are enjoying themselves?
- Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long
- The write-up contributed to by the most people
- Xin Xin Ming

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