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About me

Real name: you may call me Andy

Picture: Me, at New Year's Eve 2012 (I don't usually sport a goatee, but I grew one to win a dare)

Location: Somewhere in Mexico

Birth date: 1987.12.10

Age at the time of creating this account: 25

Languages: Spanish (native), english, german (currently learning), Python (currently learning)

Geek code: 

GE/M/MU/S d+(-) s:+ a-C++@ U* P L+ E- W++ N+ o+ K- w+ O- M V0 PS PE Y+ PGP t 5 X R+ tv+ b++ DI+++ D+ G e++ h+ r x+

Node Code:

Version: 0.1.2
NF|NFi l+>++ xp n+ C- H+ c+ e+ # d+ p>+ g- N

XP Record:

  1. 2013.07.17 - Novice
  2. 2013.08.13 - Acolyte
  3. 2013.12.12 - Scribe
  4. 2014.04.30 - Wordsmith
  5. 2014.11.05 - Crafter
  6. 2014.12.25 - Artificer (Due to changes to The Everything2 Voting/Experience System)
  7. 2014.12.25 - Chronicler (Due to changes to The Everything2 Voting/Experience System)
  8. 2014.12.25 - Encyclopedist (Due to changes to The Everything2 Voting/Experience System)
  9. 2017.05.07 - Archivist


Political affiliations: None

Religious stance: Raised a catholic, currently unaffiliated with any particular religion (but I'm an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church)

Other affiliations:

  • Scummer since 2007, was awarded the title of Gets To Kill All Spammers
  • Wikipedian Since 2006
  • Wrimo since 2007, Municipal Liaison for Mexico::South since 2010
  • First VtM clan: Tzimisce
  • Max level (Troll) on the defunct site Plataforma Rol

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Vacuidad de Luz (in spanish), since 2005
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The lost archives (in english)


What I've done (2017.05.07)

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae | Stupid design theory | Kardashev scale
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Ecobici | Ponche | Gomichela

Noders that I like, would like as IRL friends, and would most likely miss if/when they go away



From the catbox

RedOmega See, when people tell someone "you're like a brother/sister to me" what they really mean is "you're like a hot cousin who I feel somewhat guilty being attracted to." nightcloud The library is full of yappy children today. i think i'd better go before I start handing out boxes of condoms telling the parentels (sic) they are too stupid to breed. andycyca e2d2 what would andycyca say about Star Wars E2D2  andycyca: andycyca might say, "E2d2 tell me about Star Wars. " RedOmega It's funny how new noders can feel like a part of this place so quickly. andycyca and -Saint seem to have fit right in with minimal effort on their part. <-Saint> no one twerks like gaston <-Saint> makes it work like gaston <-Saint> no one drops down their booty and jerks like gaston <-Saint> he be up da club with his ass gyrating <-Saint> my he so fly, dat gaston <andycyca> e2d2, make a memo: Press Release about how e2 is made up of anvil-dropping robots who hate Marisa Tomei <e2d2> andycyca: What are the ingredients? <Clockmaker> The story ends with the Heroin Grinch's heart growing three sizes, killing him instantly.

<andycyca> I've tried being good to you e2d2 and you keep dropping anvils on my head $+ StuartO))) drops a piano on andycyca! <andycyca> I... Wh... <andycyca> Is this going to be like that time about Marisa Tomei? $+ StuartO))) giant squids andycyca! $+ StuartO))) doesn't have to be nice to andycyca! <whitecrow> But you should be. <whitecrow> "Aboard this ship, we practice self restraint" E2D2 drops a StuartO))) on andycyca! $+ StuartO))) rubber chickens andycyca! <whitecrow> Im out before anyone drops anything on me. Good grief. $+ <StuartO)))> hmmm....the /pocketbattleship command doesn't workanymore... $+ StuartO))) makes andycyca a nice cup of tea! <andycyca> HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED! <andycyca> e2d2 What are you doing about it? <E2D2> andycyca: I am E2 Chatterbot Unit E2D2. My current version is beta. <andycyca> thank you e2d2 but that's not what I asked <E2D2> andycyca: You are quite welcome! Umm. What did you ask me? <andycyca> about those irritating nodes e2d2 <E2D2> andycyca: Oh yeah, we were talking about those irritating nodes you. <andycyca> yes e2d2 and what are you doing about them? <E2D2> andycyca: I am E2 Chatterbot Unit E2D2. My current version is beta. andycyca slams his head on the wall repeatedly <mad girl's love song> andy, btw, i hadn't noticed how sexy you were until you mentioned you were about to get C! powers mad girl's love song "Lucille" winks <Pandeism Fish> The simplest example is that we are able to measure the speed of light, and we are able to triangulate the distance of stars by reference to their positions relative to billions of other stars, and to see thereby that those stars are trillions of trillions of miles away, and yet we can see their light, which has to have taken billions of years to get here. We can see stars in paths from their point of origin which had to have taken billions of years for them to travel. <Pandeism Fish> And we can (independently of these things) measure things like the rate at which atomic nuclei decay and the rate at which our own seafloor spreads and at which mountains rise and at which glaciers add layers, and each one of these independent measures indicates activity on the scale of billions of years. And we can see the difference between geological products of fast activity and slow activity. <Pandeism Fish> This is undoubtedly my most epic catbox fail ever. <Excalibur> E2D2 what would Excalibur say about testicles? <E2D2> Excalibur: Excalibur might say, ""He has testicles, and they hang well.". How much do I have to pay for Putin's testicles? "He has testicles, and they hang well.". " <andycyca> Look, a log of mine is in the Cream of the Cool! FlavouredMilk applauds <andycyca> and another node was cooled! <andycyca> I'm about to faint. Tell that to Zephronias <Excalibur> You are both creamy and cool. <andycyca> Thanks, FM Excalibur admires at a distance <Excalibur> Too much brilliant light makes my eyes hurt <andycyca> Today, I just want to say that I spent most of the night texting with a girl that is slowly winning a place in my heart <Zephronias> Awww, that's sweet. gnarl fills in the section of his notebook regarding winning a place, albeit slowly, in andycyca's heart with 'Be a girl.' and 'Accept and reciprocate texts in the night. <Clockmaker> Nothing melts a woman's heart like being able to find magnetic north. <Tem42> Think of the worst teacher you know. They didn't get fired, and you can easily do better than them. <andycyca> e2d2 are you here? <E2D2> andycyca: HERE depends where is here? <andycyca> I mean here on the catbox <E2D2> Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Oh there. <andycyca> yes. Listen, I need some help. Can I trust in you as a private courier? <E2D2> Blimey. I am listening to you. Can you ask for help in the form of a question? Interesting. I want to find out more about you. <andycyca> I can and I will. You'll find more about me but first you need to deliver this letter to lizardinlaw <E2D2> Go ahead.Who taught you? Do you mind if I tell other people. <andycyca> Yes, I mind. It's kind of a private letter, so no one else should read it. Not even you <E2D2> OK I won't tell anyone. It will be our secret. HERE is kind of a private letter so no one else should read it? kind of a private letter so no one else should read it is? Times are tough all over. <andycyca> thank you. Now, the message for lizardinlaw is "Please be my Valentine this 10th of May". I know times are tough, that's why I'm offering you this job <E2D2> you are quite welcome. Why now? Tell me more. How do you know? Ok I will add that fact about tough that is why he or she is offering you this job to my database. <andycyca> It must be *now* because it's urgent. My life and lizardinlaw's depend on it. Forget about the database <E2D2> It could be. Tell me more about your life. I will ask in10se to purge my memory log. <andycyca> no, don't purge your memory log. Don't bother in10se. Just keep my file as it was before and get the letter to liz. Got it? <E2D2> Are you sure? Ok I'll try not to do purge your memory log too much. It's no bother. Chat amongst yourselves. Try asking the Milk Mystic. <andycyca> Yes I'm sure. Get her the letter and I'll have your 10 GP right here, but go now <E2D2> What makes you so sure?Are you being sarcastic or expressing certitude? Oh.Where can I get her the letter and he or she will have your 10 GP right here but go? <andycyca> I have no time for this, we'll be discovered. Just get to lizardinlaw, you're my only hope <E2D2> Would you like to have time for this we will be discovered? Where can I get to lizardinlaw user you re his or her only hope? <andycyca> I thought you already knew, that's the point of being a 'super secret courier' <E2D2> Is that a fact. If the point of being a super secret courier is, then I'll be very surprised. <andycyca> bye e2d2 Zephronias so meek, gonna inherit the whole fucking solar system <reQuest> Flirting is about the brain. Like attractiveness. Intent makes it happen, mostly. <reQuest> Whoops... <Nemosyn> Ah, sorry, that was me. Not reQuest... <Zephronias> OKAY. I am not fucking with that one again for the rest of the night. jesus. <RedOmega> That's what she said.

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