The way he laughed and how he shook his head  

I was young and in love

I smiled and looked up from my book 

and he said  

remember that camping trip we went on

middle of summer 

how crazy it was

tent leaked the first night 

and we thought we heard bears 

spent hours the next morning trying to catch trout 

that old-timer told us 

stop using bait you buy in the store 

use corn he said 

and we ate rainbow trout for dinner that night 

the day after that we went to the caverns 

stalactites and stalagmites all lit up in colors

and Jeremy our guide 

asked what we saw in the limestone formations

and people said animals 

mountains and trees

one guy said a nativity scene 

the whole trip was crazy 

remember he said

and I smiled and replied 

crazy alright  

shook my head

went back to my book 

and wondered whoever 

wherever she was 

if she was in love  

and if she remembered.



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