Probably when you were a kid, your dream job was movie star, firefighter, astronaut, or something like that. Now that you're all grown up, your dreams have probably changed. For me, on a truly daydreaming level, I'd like to design games set in China, or get a graphic novel published, or open a j-pop dance club, or something else equally unlikely. On a little more realistic level, I'd be utterly ecstatic to get a job with a truly cool company, one I've admired from afar. Pixar, Manex Visual Effects, ILM, Stone Bridge Press; some of these are cool to nearly any geek (some are just me). You know what? Most of these places, especially the high tech and new media ones, are hiring. Not just in programming, either, but in art and all kinds of things. Hell, even being a receptionist at Pixar would be cool! Go on, make a list, and go for it.

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