Cats are called cold,
Arrogant, aloof, uncaring, staring.
As am I.

Be charitable. Cats need their space,
Their alone time, their work time.
As do I.

If you win a cat's affections --
Which is easy, just be the hand that feeds,
The hand that pets, the hand that cleans,
Just be quiet in the room with them --

Then you cannot lose them.
So it is with me.

The difference is that a cat whose heart is won
Remains a cat,
Whereas I turn into a dog,

Or a doormat, if you are annoyed with me today.



But yeah I might actually be as autistic as any cat and never realized it. It would explain why I didn't have a clue about being gregarious when I was a kid, and my parents didn't have any idea how to get me to understand the importance of greeting people. What am I supposed to do, go up and shake people's hands? Sit with them at the lunch table? I got books to read, dad! Come on!

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