"Subject is approaching the house."

A few seconds later, the radio crackled again. "He appears to be slowing down, trying to find you Oracle."

Oracle wasn't inside at that moment. She was at headquarters. "Nobody is home," she said.

"Looks like we'll have to bring you out of the office for some field training," the voice on the radio said.

"It's okay, I'd been expecting something like this."

After a brief pause, the radio continued. "Subject is leaving. Nothing we need to do immediately yet. But I think we all know where this is going."

"Roger that," said Oracle. "I'll be reporting to field training tomorrow morning."




                                                                                 It is not a cliff,  it is not the end of a continent 


it is, instead,  an abstract idea- the cusp of the horizon


We consider it at the beginning or end of long trips,

headed out or headed home


Some of us get wistful at those moments

the gentle colors of dawn or dusk reminding us of past travel 

other drives and people we knew,  but now do not 


Every airport terminal has a lane for those leaving:




None of them has an area designated for regrets  








thanks to marku  for the title 

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