Shichi-Go-San - which literally means "seven, five, three", is a Japanese children's festival, held every November 15, every year.

It it thought that children, both boys and girls, of age three, five or seven are especially lucky this day, and they dress up in their finest clothes. Some follow the old customs and dress up in the traditional kimonos, while others use Western style clothing. The children are also fitted with a long, narrow paper bag, decorated with colorful pictures, often of pine trees, tortoises and cranes, to symbolize youth and long life.

When everyone is ready, the families go to a shrine, where they give thanks for the good health of the children, and ask for future health and happiness.

Outside the shrine, the parents buy candy and toys to fill the children's paper bags, and after returning home, the children share some of their candy with visiting friends and relatives. In return, they are often given gifts. The day usually ends with a party.

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