E2, Brute?

The Best of The Week

slowly letting go before my fingers
have to to be pried open one by one
already grown used to the familiar grip

walking beside the familiar path
pointedly avoiding old footprints
pretending this time it leads elsewhere

a little older, a little wiser, eyes open a little wider
stepping off this road before the same end
until the next time when we try again
until the next time when we try again


American character actor Michael Emmet Walsh (March 22, 1935 —) has the distinction of being among a special class of SAG members in Hollywood, one that I'm not sure there's a name for but which critics have recognized. He used to be in that group of "actors whose names you don't know but you recognize them immediately", but he's so remarkably talented that, in my opinion, he transcended that group many decades back. Harry Dean Stanton was in this

The city of Portland, Oregon came to be known as "Stumptown" during a period of rapid population growth following 1847 and continuing through the turn of the century. Though Portland would not be formally incorporated as a city until 1851 and Oregon did not achieve statehood until 1859, the town and territory were beset by thousands of pioneers every year taking the well-established Oregon Trail, many seeking their fortunes following the California Gold Rush in 1849

News for Noders

February 2: Happy birthday Auspice!

February 2: Happy birthday npecom!

February 5: Happy birthday wertperch!

February 8: Happy birthday to panamaus

February 15: Happy birthday Admin to the goo!

February 15: Terse Quest 2024 begins!

February 23: Happy birthday Samuel Pepys!

February 29: Happy birthday Browncoat!

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

January 16: National Nothing Day.

January 24: Happy Birthday Silverai_me!

January 26: Happy Birthday Segnbora-t!

January 30: Happy Birthday O-Swirl!

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December 1: Iron Noder ends

December 9: Smallpox eradication day.

December 12: Happy birthday to horacetheclown!

December 18: Hanukkah begins.

December 21: Winter solstice arrives 10:27 PM, EST.

December 23: Happy birthday to Nemosyn!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

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November 1: The IRON NODER CHALLENGE starts today and runs through December 1. It's never too late to sign up, and all writeups get rewards.

November 1: Happy Birthday Zephronias!

November 5: Bonfire Night in the UK.

November 11: Veterans Day in the US.

November 13: Everything2's Birthday.

November 23: Thanksgiving in the US.

November 27: Happy Birthday Estelore!

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October 1: Oh no! It's The 2023 Halloween Horrorquest!

October 17: Happy Birthday gnarl!

October 31: Something spooky will probably happen today. It usually does.

October 31: prepare yourselves for the XVIth Iron Noder in November!

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