They've got the gumption for something. I am telling you.

It has a lot to do with the people inside of your television. Those people are looking at you. AT YOU. And they are trying to lure you into their web of deception. What we have here, fellas, is a whirlwind.

Turn off the television. There are people inside of it. They are looking at you. They are drawing you in.

Yes, it makes perfect sense. What he is saying. It makes perfect sense. You know that it doesn't, but it does, doesn't it?

Mmmm, smooth sounds. Nice words. They make you feel something.

You get hard. You get riled. You are ready to GO.

Maybe you'd be better off listening to some music.

Then they will get in your head. And now you have a new problem. The voices from the radio are inside your head. They are. They really, really are. And they are going to stay there. Indefinitely. You will hear them when you sleep. When you open your maw. When you tinkle.

There is no way out. It is there world. We are just taking up space in it.

Listen to the people inside of your television. They will tell you things. And then there will be a commercial. You can have a piece of cake. One piece.

Be satisfied with that.

This is your life.

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