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The Best of The Week

Crazy people invite me to lunch.

They forget their sentences mid-word. They tear at their unsliced personal pizzas holding knives and forks, unsure how to assert those unfamiliar implements against usually fingered food, imaging the wedges that might have been, then making eye contact again, picking up a thread of conversation from the ether and continuing utterly unaware of their non-sequitur. Subjects shift between all the topics your grandmother advised you against. Politics. Religion. Sex. Then back to money. Always money.

I know how to react to the crazy people and their pizza. Though, there are reactive impulses that are hard to resist. Like - the urge to help them with their food the way I would have with one of my toddler children. These are business men. Entrepreneurs. Angels. These are men in expensive Italian St Croix golf shirts and one never knows how they would react to my stuffing a paper napkin down their collars…

"Drink the Kool-Aid" is a slang term originating in United States, and connoting unthinking acceptance of propaganda or a cult of personality.

The phrase originated in the mass homicide/suicide that took place at the Reverend Jim Jones' People's Temple, when devotees of his cult drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide.

The first reference to the phrase "Drink the Kool-Aid" was entered on urban dictionary in 2005, and it seemed to become…

The Fault on Our Stars
By John Green
Dutton Books, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars is a young adult novel about teenagers dying of cancer. If this sounds grim, well, sometimes it is. However, it is also often funny, interesting, intelligent, and touching.

Hazel has some serious cancer going on, although it is currently in remission. Aside from being tethered to an oxygen tank and feeling…