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Ice shove, AKA shoreline ice pileup, or in Inupiat, ivu, is a phenomenon in which ice sheets forming on top of a body of water are pushed ashore by the wind; given a steady formation of new ice and a strong, ongoing wind, the ice can form large piles creeping in from the shore, piling up over 10 feet high and moving dozens of feet over the land.

In the Americas significant ice shove is occasionally seen around the Great Lakes, in parts of New England, and in Canada/Alaska. In extreme cases ice shove has caused significant damage to homes and roads near the water, but for the most part it simply looks like a snow drift of chunky, broken ice along the shore. However, a fast moving flow (about the speed of a leisurely walk) is a preternatural sight, as the ice grumbles and clunks steadily over the land.

Ice shove is fairly simple; large, thin sheets of ice pushed by the wind over the surface of water can move fairly quickly, having very low friction with the…

Superbowl number 50 was held on February 7, 2016 in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The Denver Broncos, headed up by a recently healed up Peyton Manning took on the Carolina Panthers, headed up by the young upstart Cam Newton.

The Carolina Panthers had had the best season in franchise history, having a near perfect season - losing only one game, and that was to the Atlanta Falcons. Newton is a serious threat on the field, given that he can not only pass the ball with…

Once there was an elephant who wanted to fly. His name was Elly.


Now this elephant was very big, and very strong, and could walk for days across the plains and jungles of Africa without stopping; he could eat a bale of hay in one sitting, and spray water from his trunk like a fire hose, and trumpet so loudly the sloths would stir for miles around. But he would still wonder what it would be like to soar through the blue high over his head.


He asked the birds…